Cybersecurity Basics for Your Business

At NexTier Bank, keeping your financial and personal information is our top priority. Here are a few cybersecurity basics that you can do to prevent a cybersecurity breach from happening to your business.

  1. Update Your Software.

    This includes all apps, web browsers, operating systems, and security systems on your computers, smartphones, and tablet devices.

  2. Secure Your Files.

    Regularly back up important files offline on an external hard drive or into the cloud.

  3. Require Strong Passwords for All Devices.

    We recommend a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Your passwords should never have ties to your personal information, such as names or birthdays.

  4. Encrypt Devices and Other Media That Contain Sensitive Information.

    Encryption helps keep your data safe by scrambling up your data into a secret code that cybercriminals can’t read.

  5. Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

    Requiring MFA to access areas of your network with sensitive information enhances your business’s security by requiring users to identify themselves using more than just a username and password.

  6. Limit Login Attempts.

    Limiting attempts will lock a user out if they enter the wrong password more than the specified amount of times. This prevents hackers from continuing to enter passwords if they think they know it.

  7. Secure Your Router.

    Change the default name and password, turn off remote management, and log out as the administrator once the router is set up.

  8. Secure Remote Access.

    Using a virtual private network (VPN) is the most secure way for users to establish a secure connection to a private network over the internet. It’s designed to prevent unauthorized access to your organization’s digital assets and the loss of sensitive data.

  9. Erase Data Before Discarding or Donating any Electronic Devices.

    This will ensure any of your organization’s information is not stolen if it gets into the wrong hands after discarding.

NexTier Bank has solutions customized with your business in mind. Contact a member of our Treasury Management team today to learn more about what services we can provide to mitigate any risk of fraud for your organization.