Combat Check Fraud with Positive Pay

Available with our Business Online Platform, Cash Manager.

NexTier knows that each time your company issues a check, it exposes itself to possible fraudulent checking activity. That’s why we offer Positive Pay, which matches your issued check file with checks presented for payment for a pay/no-pay decision.

What Is Positive Pay?
Positive Pay is an automated cash management service with the primary goal of discouraging check fraud. At NexTier, your checking activity is matched with checks you’ve issued for payment to ensure your account is safe from fraudulent checking activity. Our bank knows each time your company issues a check, and our team takes the extra step to protect your company from fraud, losses, or other liabilities.

Why Should My Company Use Positive Pay?
Your company should have peace of mind knowing that NexTier Bank is taking the extra step to protect you and your accounts. Positive Pay helps to protect your company from forged, altered, and counterfeit checks. This service compares the check number, dollar amount, and account number against a list of issued checks from your company. If any of these items do not match, the bank will not clear the check.

Is Positive Pay Secure? 
Yes, using Positive Pay is a great way to remain secure from Identity Theft. Issued check files are sent to us easily and securely through Cash Manager, our online portal for Business customers. Fraudsters create counterfeit checks with the intention of committing fraud on your bank accounts. The goal of Positive Pay is to keep your company, and your bank accounts secure. It’s an extra precaution put in place to make this type of Identity Theft more difficult , while protecting your accounts from counterfeit checks.

How Will I Be Notified of Check Fraud?
NexTier will notify your company through an exception report and will withhold the payment until you advise us to accept or reject the check. This is also a second step to keep your company and accounts secure.

How Can I Sign Up for Positive Pay?
Signing up for Positive Pay is simple. Ask our Treasury Management team for assistance enabling this service for your company.