Documents Required

☐ Paid real estate tax bills for the most recent tax year.

  • County
  • Local Municipality (Borough, Township, City)
  • School

☐ Real estate tax bill(s) should contain:

  • Property owner name(s)
  • Property address
  • Parcel, map, or control number
  • Taxing authority
  • Tax collector name and contact information
  • Tax amount due, including discount and face amounts, if applicable.
  • Tax payment due date, including discount and face dues, if applicable.

☐ Paid homeowners insurance premium /policy (paid receipt from the insurance company).
☐ Paid flood insurance premium /policy (paid receipt from the insurance company).

Keep in Mind

☐ All taxes currently due & payable must be paid prior to establishing escrow. Proof of payment is to be provided to the bank.
☐ Recently completed construction: Has the property been re-assessed by the taxing authority?
☐ Yes. Copies of reassessment notices should be provided to the bank (this assists us in calculating escrow).
☐ No. Please be advised there may be a payment shock (increase) when the property is reassessed.
☐ Homeowner & flood insurance must be paid through the policy date. Escrowed insurance is paid on an annual basis.
☐ Loan with escrow can not be paid ahead.


☐ Receive customer documents
☐ Escrow analysis will be created. The analysis will show the following:

  • The initial deposit due to establish the escrow account
  • The monthly escrow payment that will be added to your current monthly principal & interest payment
  • Date monthly payment containing principal, interest & escrow will start
  • Date acceptance & initial escrow deposit is due

☐ Escrow analysis is mailed for your review & acceptance.
☐ Return customer acceptance & initial escrow deposit to the bank.
☐ Escrow will be added to your loan
☐ Begin paying the monthly principal, interest & escrow payment on the designated date


Download a copy of our Escrow Checklist or Contact one of our Personal Bankers with any additional questions regarding your Escrow Account.