Scammers are always finding ways to access your money and personal information. Lately, scammers have been targeting consumers from many banks, NexTier included. These individuals have gone as far as spoofing trusted phone numbers to convince you they’re a member of the Bank. They may call and say there has been suspicious activity on your account and ask you questions like “what’s your social security number?” or “please verify your personal and account information.” These are examples of questions that banks will never call to ask you.

NexTier Doesn’t Do That

As your community bank, keeping your personal and financial information safe is our top priority. We encourage you to become familiar with these phishing tip-offs in text, emails, and phone calls. If you receive a call or text from someone claiming to be from your Bank and they ask you for these pieces of information, immediately hang up because NexTier Bank will never do that.

  • Your Account Number
  • Your Username and/or Password to Online or Mobile Banking
  • Your NexTier Bank Debit Card PIN
  • Your Birthday
  • Your Address
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Share a One-Time Code
  • To Fill Out a Form
  • To Download an Attachment
  • Reveal a Security Question Answer

How to Protect Yourself from Bank Imposter Scams

We encourage all customers to be skeptical when receiving a call or text message from someone claiming to be from NexTier Bank. They aren’t always scams, but it’s best to be cautious when it comes to your financial safety. Scammers can spoof phone numbers so it looks like your Bank is calling or texting you. Asking you to initiate any online transaction, such as a Zelle transfer, or to log in to any of your online accounts is also something we will NEVER ask you to do. It’s important to recognize the signs and red flags of a phishing scam to best protect yourself.

If you receive a call or text message of this nature or something just seems off, trust your instinct. Stop communication right away by hanging up or not responding to the individual. Do not give them any information. Contact our Customer Care Team immediately to secure your accounts, especially if you did share any personal information.

Resources to Consider if Your Personal Information Was Compromised

If you were a victim of an imposter scam, we encourage you to utilize these three resources to protect your identity.

  1. Place Credit Freezes with the Three National Credit Bureaus to Prevent Imposters from Getting Credit with Your Information
  2. Place a Chexsystems Freeze to Prevent Imposters From Opening a Deposit Account with Your Information.
  3. You Can Also Refer to the Federal Trade Commission’s ID Theft Website for More Ways to Protect Your Identity.


To learn more about phishing scams and what NexTier and other banks will never ask, visit, provided by the American Bankers Association.