Introducing a new and improved online customer experience at With the new website, you’ll continue to access your NexTier Bank accounts on the Online Banking or Cash Manager portals you’re familiar with.

We’ve added several features for both consumers and businesses. Enhanced features include an expanded product overview, an Education Center with relevant resources, and a Community Center that showcases the bank’s commitment to our communities.

So, why did we upgrade our website?
At NexTier Bank, our customers have always been our priority. We’ve created this online experience with both our customers and community members in mind. Our focus was to enable site visitors with the resources they need to stay at the top of their personal and professional lives. When you thrive, we thrive. With a simple, intuitive navigation, visitors are able to access and learn about NexTier Bank and what we offer.

How can I access my accounts on Online Banking or Cash Manager?
Logging into your online banking or cash manager accounts is simple and accessible from any page on the website. Simply click on the green LOGIN button at the top right corner, the blue LOGIN Box appears. The Online Banking option is automatically selected, if you’re looking to access Cash Manager, click on the word Cash Manager. Enter your username and password credentials and click on the green LOGIN button. You’ll be redirected to the NexTier Bank Online Banking Portal you’re already familiar with.

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Is there a simple way to navigate the website?
Yes, the website’s navigation is simple to use. Hover over the word Personal or Business and the menu for the appropriate option appears. With two menu options, you’ll be able to explore the personal and business solutions NexTier Bank offers. You can also visit several of the same pages at the bottom of every website page.

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How can I search the website to find specific information?
Our website now includes an improved search feature. Are you looking for specific information on checking accounts? Search the entire website by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top of every page when on the desktop site, or from the menu on your smartphone or tablet. Once you click or tap the Search icon the Search Box appears. Type a keyword of what you’re looking for (example: checking) and hit ENTER on your keyboard. You’ll be redirected to the pages related to the keyword you’ve entered.

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What’s the best way to find the nearest location?
Our website includes a branch locator feature to help find the offices closest to your zip code. To find the nearest office on any page of the website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the Find Us search bar. Type your zip code and click Locate. You’ll be redirected to our locations page with a list of the Nearest Office for ZIP code XXXXX and below you’ll see the additional locations available in our branch network.

If you choose to not enter a zip code, you will be redirected to our locations page with an alphabetical list of NexTier Bank Community Offices.

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Where can I find contact information to connect with NexTier Bank?
You can call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.262.1088. Our phone number can be found at the top of any website page when on the desktop site, or in the menu on a smartphone or tablet and also in the bottom of every website page. Look for the Contact Us section.

The website also includes a robust contact form to help you save time on the phone. With our contact form you’re able to get help with an address change request, ordering checks, contacting a specific NexTier Bank location, debit card help, send a loan request, share a suggestion, online banking, opening an account, and overdrafts. You can also select the other option to get help in another area not listed on the form.

Once you complete the form and click on the green SUBMIT button, you’ll receive an email confirmation. One of our NexTier Bank team members will reach out to you in 1 to 3 business days to confirm the authenticity of your request and to assist you.

You can also connect with us on social media by clicking each social icon at the bottom of the website.

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Do you offer LIVE Chat?
Yes, LIVE Chat is available on our website. Please keep in mind, that we may need to confirm your identity to help you with account specific questions. If you’re looking for product information, specific hours, or branch information, our Customer Care Center will be ready to help you during normal business hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm, and Saturday 9am to Noon.

You can find LIVE Chat in two locations on the website. It’s on every desktop page you see this green chat icon in the lower right corner of the browse and it’s also available on the bottom of every page in the same location as the Find Us and Contact Us sections.

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Where can I go to access articles or demo videos of how to use the mobile app or other solutions offered at NexTier Bank?
Our Education Center is a great resource for financial literacy. NexTier Bank has a variety of tools available to help both your personal and professional life. Access demo videos to learn how to use the digital solutions we offer, for example: NexTier Mobile or CardBoss. You can also Explore by Category to access articles on Home Ownership, Managing Credit & Debit, Privacy & Security, Saving & Budgeting, and Small Business.

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